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Book and Travel with real confidence - UK holidays

In these unusual times, it is important that we assure you that your reservation made with us is safe and secure.

We promise

-In case of cancellation/local lock downs - or you being unable to travel due to the following reasons.

-Should there be an issue/national or local lockdown at the hotel/area where we run our holidays which causes us to postpone our holidays, 

-Should you be unable to attend the holiday due to the following reasons. then you will be offered a similar later date holiday. Should you be unable to accept this, then we will issue a full refund, minus an administration charge.

- You catch Covid 19 and you are not able to travel during the time you are infectious and  self isolating. A medical proof will be needed.

- Someone in your circle of contacts has been tested and contracted the virus, causing you to self isolate on the test, track and trace national programme.

- The area you live in is put into special measures as part of the national test, trace and track programme - again supported by suitable evidence which is in the public domain.

- In the event of a national lockdown due to increased incidences of confirmed virus cases.

- That you can transfer you to other Secret Hills Walking holidays - wherever they may take place, with no time limit. There is no administration charge for this service.

- Or we can issue a credit note should you not be able to decide when and where you wish to transfer.

- Should you request a refund - then a £50 administration fee will apply


Once lockdowns have been eased- Can we run guided walking holidays under the broad UK governments restrictions- See below

At Secret Hills Walking, we know the importance of doing all we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Organised outdoor sport and physical activity has an explicit exemption from the current rules, which limit other kinds of gatherings to six people. At present, organised outdoor sport and physical activity can take place anywhere in England – as confirmed in the UK government guidance.

This exemption includes all walks organised by Secret Hills Walking – which will also comply with all relevant local restrictions, including on travel.

This is explicitly stated on the Governing Body Sport England, – the government body that oversees physical and sporting activity across the country – to ensure that our activities comply with the rules implemented by the UK government. It is also explicit on the Governing Body for Hill Walking, the British Mountaineering Council’s website, and on the Ramblers website.

Our activities are subject to procedures that are put in place by Secret Hills – designed to ensure that those organising and taking part in organised physical activities implement the government requirements, to keep everybody safe. This includes a maximum number of participants up to 30 people, and requirements around physical distancing.

You can find out more about how Secret Hills are complying with government and Governing Body requirements here:

UK government guidance


Sport England guidance on ‘Return to Play’


Ramblers guidance and procedures


The British Mountaineering Council


As you would expect, we will continue to review our guidelines, to ensure compliance with national and local restrictions as we all move through this difficult period together.

If you still have questions, please email info@secrethillswalking.co.uk

Travel to Europe with us

Unfortunately, Covid -19 and the many travel restrictions in place both in the UK  and in Europe. have meant restrictions on our being able to manage guided walking holidays in Europe.

We cannot extend our no deposit offer to European holidays however, as these are reserved through New Experience Holidays and the ATOL/abta bonding rules apply to these holidays.

Our colleagues at New Experience Holidays have produced a set of guidelines to help you understand the various issues surrounding reserving a European holiday with us.-see https://www.newex.co.uk/coronavirus/

Travel Insurance

Please ensure that you obtain the travel insurance appropriate for your destination, itinerary and nature of your holiday. It is a good idea to check your travel insurance policy for the scope of cover. Many providers DO NOT provide Corona Virus cover, though new products are coming on the market that do. Remember the two aspects - cancellation of your holiday due to you contracting the virus or being asked to quarantine if you have been in contact with others and the test, track and trace unit have contacted you. Also cover for any medical treatment should you get the virus whilst abroad.

A personal message from our founder Alan Garner

If we are to enjoy the holidays we love- then we will need to make compromises like face coverings in public spaces and transport and the restrictions in the way we eat in hotel restaurants and cafes- this is the new normal and we will need to live with these restrictions for many months to come. There will be little restriction though when we are walking- just sensible precautions to keep us all safe.

Most of the 2021 dates are now on our website. We hope that you can look beyond the current situation and plan your 2021 walking holidays with us.

After 18 years of hard work by many team members past and present, I have no intention of "throwing in the towel" - so we look forward to restarting our holidays-  we will, in the Secret Hills community, be here when the virus finally subsides- ready to continue to guide you round our magnificent countryside. So, I hope you will continue to support us and join us in 2021 - get those boots on again with us. See you then

Alan - and the whole Secret Hills Walking Community





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Thanks Alan - I admire your outfit: hopefully may sign up for something again. regards meanwhile, Jan  

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